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The Brickie Pride

Upcoming play: The Royal Family

Jamie cooke, Web interpreter

February 24

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Hardworking and dedicated can describe Hobart's theater department while working on their upcoming play. The play stars Jessica Sherrard, Ailey Brumley, and Emily Pazik as the lead roles. The play is about a "royal family" and...

After school activities

Sarah Coleman, Web Contributor

December 18

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After school activities are often just looked by many students as just sports. There are many things to do though for students of all different interests. It is important for students to be involved at school because these activities...

Hobart’s five star musical

Rayanne Stone, Web contributor

December 8

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Others who seen Hobart's version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical "Cinderella," could agree that it was absolutely fantastic. The singing, dancing, and music was great. The cast blew me away. Ailey Brumley  was Cinderella,...

Lights, camera, action!

JaRae Brown, Web Contributor

November 24

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Encore , more more, the crowd is going wild, clapping and chanting the current closes, you've just finish your performance on stage. Welcome to the world of the performing arts. The only place where you can be someone else and...

French club update

October 8

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The French club is well underway this year, and at the last meeting the members voted on officials. Twenty members took part in voting for Kaylee Thompson as their President, Megan Mauck took position as Vice President, and Molly...

Art Club

Ashley Metz, Web contributor

September 30

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Ever wanted to get some extra time after school to work on your art projects? Mrs. Bucheit has the art room opened after school on the first Wednesday of every month. The room will be open from 2:36 to 4:30, so students wanting...


Adamari Macias, Web Conductor

September 22

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Talent, dedication, and most importantly fun are all are words that must come to mind to those students who auditioned for Mystique this year. Mystique has been an on going after school choir group since around 2002 as an alternative...

Take a stand against bullying and join Team LEAD

Meredith Courteau, Web Contributor

September 10

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Bully victims are 2-9 times more likely to commit suicide than non-victims, and 70% of teens have witnessed bullying in their school. Through this statistic, people are able to see that bullying is still relevant in today's schools...

Booster Club

Zoe Batistatos, Web Contributor

September 10

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85% of young Americans say that kids who participate in after school activities and clubs are better off in life than those who don't. With this statistic it is evident that everyone should be involved in some type of school activity...

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