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After school activities

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After school activities are often just looked by many students as just sports. There are many things to do though for students of all different interests. It is important for students to be involved at school because these activities keep them out of trouble and away from harm. Also, they improve student’s social skills, focus in the classroom, and let them get to know adults of the community. At Hobart High School, we have many extracurricular activities like sport teams, performing arts, and clubs.

Playing a sport isn’t for everyone, but for those students who take interest in it, there are many options. HHS has teams for soccer, football, tennis, bowling, cheer leading, gymnastics, track, wrestling, and many more. Being on a team improves social skills, attitude, and responsibility. There is nothing more rewarding than a group of people working their hardest and being giving it their all the day of the game or meet. These sports all have their seasons, but during an off season students can always go to the gym after school and work out to prepare for next season!

Hobart High School has an amazing performing arts department. With musicals, plays, band concerts, choir concerts, and more there has to be something students would enjoy taking part in! The brand new stage and auditorium is just dying to be lit up by marvelous acting, dancing, instrument playing, and singing. There are two plays, three choir concerts, and many band concerts, throughout the school year. Being involved in performing arts teaches students to open up and be themselves. It allows artistic-spirits to have a time to shine on stage, and who wouldn’t want that?

Lastly, clubs are a go to choice for anyone. There is the psychology club, DECA, Ruby, Team LEAD, Book Club, Sowing Club, Theatre, Spanish, French and German clubs, FCA, and many more! These groups take students who are leaders in HHS and represent the kind of students HHS has. Not to mention, any of these clubs look great to colleges. There are many opportunities for community service, and exciting events in any of these clubs.

As one can now see, extracurricular activities are a great thing to take part in! All students should take every opportunity possible to be in an after school activity because they might just learn something new about themselves and develop lifelong friendships.

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After school activities