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Youth and Government Trip 2015

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Hobart High School’s youth and government trip this year was a success. All who came did a great job.
It is with great honor that the School City of Hobart announces that the team once again captured the capital building. Courtany Hill will be next year’s Secretary of State, Ailey Brumley will be Lieutenant Governor, Jessica Sherrard will be Speaker Pro Tempore, and Sara Hill will be Attorney General.

This trip allowed not only students from Hobart, but also students from all over indiana to participate in the model government. There were many bills ranging from humorous topics; such as, a bill for an act to require that Crocs be worn to school on mondays.

Also including serious topics; such as, a bill for an act to have sex offenders tracked. The delegations that attended were Hobart, Ransburg, Evansville, Baxter, Hendricks Regional Health, Avondale Meadows, and Benjamin Harrison delegation. Alex Williamson had this to say about his experience, “Being apart of this has let me open up a little and it was really fun to experience what it’s like to be in the senate”. Ending their trip with a banquet at the Hilton, and finding out who won what title for next year was exciting for most delegations.

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Youth and Government Trip 2015