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2015 Spring Trends

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             April showers bring may flowers, right? What do May flowers bring? Spring trends perhaps? This spring is loaded with so many new fashion, app, and food trends. Trends this year are pushing customers to rethink their taste, especially food trends.


           Apps are all the buzz, especially when most people have a smartphone. The first app in the trend spotlight is Snapchat. This app is even popular with some elders. Snapchat is a very simple app that consists of taking a picture, setting a time the viewer can see it for, then pressing send! That’s it! The best part is that the picture can only last up to ten seconds. Then poof, the picture is gone. Snapchat is available on both android and iOS. Say goodbye to Facebook worthy pictures and hello to double chins.


         Next in the trend spotlight are bagels. Bagel breakfast sandwiches, bagel panini’s, and steak bagel dinners. Chefs, fast food places, and even those who eat breakfast at home are coming up with different ways to prepare bagels; besides the common topping, cream cheese. Sparking my taste buds was a feta bagel. This bagel had feta cheese (obviously, I mean look at the name), onions, tomatoes, and green olives. Cheese fans might call this mix, FETAstic.

         Last up in the trend spotlight is fashion. This spring 2015 older trends are making their way back. More specifically, ruffles. Ruffles on skirts, ruffles on shirts, even on shoes. Another comeback is striped t-shirts. Especially the more common sailor stripe. Spring 2015 being the time for comebacks, tie dye is on the list. Designers, such as, Michael Kors and Alexander Wang used the dye this year in resort. Yellow is becoming more popular too. Designer Alessandro Lucioni, brought some yellow to the runway with a neon yellow leaf print maxi dress. Stay on top with these bright trends.

        The trend show has come to an end. Which is probably a good thing because there has been some stomachs rumbling ever since the bagels were brought up. Say goodbye to 2014 spring trends and hello to 2015 trends.

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2015 Spring Trends