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Every 15 Minutes

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Every two years, the Hobart High School theater department puts on the reenactment of a car crash to signify how deadly texting, drinking, and being under the influence while driving can be. This year, the theme was prom. Every 15 Minutes is a mentally challenging production for many of the participants, the victims, the families, the spectators, and the emergency rescue teams, but it couldn’t be pulled off without them. Juniors and seniors get the chance to be victims, drivers, and passengers. Seniors Vanessa Ashlock and Mary Moyers were this years victims. Vanessa was a casualty of drunk driving from a head on collision with another car. Senior Amanda Hargrove, our drunk driver, and Junior Tristan King, the casualty driver, would now have to suffer the consequences of their distracted driving. Other victims included Senior Ally Chabes, Lauyrn Timmerman, and Juniors Dylan Wedel and Winyu Sheriff. After the crash, all casualties are taken to the hospital where doctors, nurses and the EMT rush around to save as many people as they can. Mary Moyers wasn’t so lucky, she died from a heart attack on the way to the hospital. Others walked away with small head wounds. But the feeling that you’ve lost somebody important to you never goes away, especially for Mary and Vanessa’s parents.
The high school puts on a mock memorial service for the juniors and seniors the day after the crash, and we hear from a real perspective of just how scary that moment can be, this years spokesman was Mr. Martin, a math and pre-engineering teacher here at the high school. We also heard from the participants of the program tell a short story about a real life victim of drunk and distracted driving, as well as, heart touching eulogies from the families of the crash reenactment victims.
This program reflects everyday decisions that we don’t think about when we get behind the wheel of a car. How a single text can lead to disaster, “One more” drink causes chaos, and doing one more hit of that blunt can be life-changing. The Every 15 Minutes program symbolizes a future that is inevitable if we don’t change our ways. We live with these consequences forever, and the outcome of your actions doesn’t just cause distress for your family, but for families of the victims, families in the community. Think before you get in your car, call a sober friend, or turn off your phone. Either way you save the lives of more people than you think.

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