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JROTC’s recent Inspection

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Kaitlyn Kruszynski, Staff Sargent (squad leader), gives the basic layout of inspection from her personal experience of this years inspections. Throughout this interview, one could find out what is inspection, what’s the purpose, and even the award behind it.

Q: Define inspection?
A: Inspection is basically an enormous oral exam need to determine how well our inspectors are teaching us.

Q: What was the purpose inspection?
A: JROTC does inspection for many purposes. One of the reasons is because we get rewards from the army, including the yellow star on the uniform.

Q: How was inspection (in your personal opinion)?
A: Inspection was nerve-racking, but professional, competitive, and fun!

Q: How did LTC and first Sargent feel?
A: They’ve never been so proud. We exceeded more than they thought we would.

Q: When was the banquet?
A: The banquet was May 14, 2015.

Q: When will the next inspection be?
A: The next inspection will take place sometime next year.

Q: What classes were tied up?
A: The tied up classes were gold 5 and gold 6.

Q: What was the award for winning?
A: The winners will receive a party, bragging rights for the best platoon, and a a rib that says Honor Platoon.

Q: Which students were interviewed?
A: Three freshmen, three sophomores (Including me), two juniors, and two seniors.

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JROTC’s recent Inspection