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2015 Summer Trends

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Although summer is just beginning, there are many trends being set. Such as, more outdoor activities, foods that will keep you cool, and summer festivals.
Even though the summer is extremely hot, getting out of the house, and enjoying the outdoors has become more of a trend. For instance, outdoor movie nights. Whether it is going to a drive in or setting up a sheet with a projector in a backyard. The idea of wanting to enjoy commonly known indoor activities outside, is a great idea. Another interesting way to enjoy being outdoor: an outdoor shower. The outdoor shower lets you cool down while enjoying the sun.
Being under the sun can be exhausting, as well as, dehydrating. So to keep yourself hydrated, enjoy a raspberry limeade. It’s cold enough to keep you chilled, and doesn’t have the sour lemon taste that traditional lemonade has. Or to keep it simple, a nice glass of ice water will do the trick. Yum yum.
Summer festivals have grown to be nationally known. There are festivals for a huge range of topics, such as: food, music, and movie festivals. A well known music festival is Lollapalloza. There are many artists that perform including Metallica, Sam Smith, Twenty-One Pilots, and Paul McCartney. A well known food festival is The Good Food festival. This festival showcases new food businesses. A well known movie festival is The Chicago United Film Festival. This festival includes short films, commercials and the opportunity to meet the directors.
This summer is jam-packed with so many activities to keep you out of the house and less bored.

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2015 Summer Trends