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Farewell 2015 seniors

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The last day of school is fast approaching and for the 2015 seniors this will be their last day of high school. In a recent interview with James Bowers he revealed his plans for the future and his thoughts on what high school was like for him.

James reveals that his favorite part of high school was, “Theater and friends because… I had a lot of fun in those places. I liked hanging out with my friends and I loved doing stuff on stage and being apart of the theater world.” James was a part of theater but that’s not all, to add onto his busy schedule James is also the secretary for the senior class. As secretary James helped make decisions on things like graduation, senior privilege week, and things of that sort. James also says that he is not sure what exactly he plans on doing but there is a possibility that he goes into radiation therapy. For now James plans on going to Ivy Tech here in Gary.

It sure is sad to see James and the rest of his class leave, but there are bigger and better things for them to look forward to. Congratulations and good luck 2015 seniors!

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Farewell 2015 seniors