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If I Stay – Should You Stay and Read?

Abby Botts, Book Reviewer

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If I Stay is a young adult novel by Gayle Forman set in Oregon.The book is about a girl named Mia who gets in a car crash along with her family. She has to make the decision to die with her family or stay alive. The book is set in the past and present.Some characters like Mia’s parents Kat and Denny, and her brother Teddy are only in the past, while others are in both like Mia’s boyfriend Adam, and her best-friend Kim.


Overall I liked the pacing of the story and how the characters interacted. Each of the characters had their own personality and throughout the book they never lost that. Another thing I liked was was how she showed the emotions of the characters very clearly making it easy for you to visualize it and the way music was involved all through the story. I also enjoyed how the story dealt with topics like life, death, growing up, and making choices. This book can definitely benefit you by showing that life should never be taken for granted.

Some of my dislikes are how the author’s lack of description was at certain points and some of traits from her best-friend Kim. Kim in my opinion was very controlling and snobbish. If I was able to change anything I would add a little more detail and make Kim a smidge kinder. Another thing I would add more to Mia as a character. Mia seemed to barely have a personality in comparison with more minor characters. She was definitely not the shining character of the story. My favorite character would have to be either Teddy or Kat.
I would give If I Stay three and a half stars out of five. My overall thoughts are that the book is pretty good, but has some problems. I feel like it’s a good read, but it is not my favorite book. This book really does makes you think about life and overall make you think about how short life is. I feel like it leaves with a lot to think about and it also has great message about living your life to the fullest and the importance of family. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good book dealing with topics like death.

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If I Stay – Should You Stay and Read?