Brawl At The Brickyard

Hobart (#14) vs. Crown Point (#13)

Tylor Triana, Feature Publisher

A highly anticipated matchup between the #14 state-ranked Brickies and #13 state-ranked Bulldogs will be one for the ages. In competition, a total of 9 state-ranked individuals will be Brawling at the Brickyard. The matchup is even going on a live broadcast to be seen throughout the state. Be quick to get there too because the first 100 people there get a free t-shirt. Starting at 6:30 and the wrestlers will be under the spotlight in the dark main gym with hundreds of people in attendance cheering on the nailbiting matchups. It all comes down to the tight matches and smart coaches to strategically place their wrestlers in the lineup. To get a closer inside look we go straight to the source.

First interviewed was head coach Alex Ramos. IN this position for only 2 years Ramos already has an extensive career with his team placing 6th last year at the IHSAA state finals in 2017, a conference championship, and a state champ under his belt. Now heading into the current year Ramos was asked, “What a win could do for your career?”, Ramos humbly responded,” as for my career it has little impact on me it’s more about our wrestlers and boosting our confidence on the mat”. When Ramos was questioned,”What must happen in order to win the dual?”, Ramos states, ” We need to feed off each other. We need to get fired up from our loses. We need to get pumped up from our wins and keep the ball rolling. We have to be a team.” With the hype of the meet underway, the nerves are at an all-time high and continue to climb. The pressure is felt from the wrestlers also.

Zack Fattore, a senior captain on the team that ended his Junior year with a 4th place finish at the IHSAA state finals looks to cap off his high school career with a state championship was asked his thoughts on the exciting dual. Zack was asked, “What do you think your team needs to work on in order to win the dual?”, Zack’s exclaims,” We need to start believing in our training and believe we can win. The mind is a strong tool and is 80% of the battle.” Our brickie wrestlers have many talents that look promising the question is if the Bricks can come together as a team to compete. Zack was then inquired,”What makes this match-up so special?”, Zack claims,” All of the ranked wrestlers at the dual are wrestling each other and for some of us it will be our first real look at a quality match”.

The quality of wrestling shown at the dual will be at a high level. The matches will be intense and it will be a nail-biter. The Brickies must come out to cheer on their fellow peers to secure the win in an important dual. Entertainment is at it’s finest at Hobart Highschool and we look for a promising future in our sports history.