Welcoming Mrs. Theresa Dietrich to our Brickie Staff

Welcoming Mrs. Dietrich to our Brickie Staff

David A. Castro, Contributer

Get to Know Mrs. Dietrich

We have many new faces to our 2017-2018 Hobart High School staff. Luckily Mrs. Dietrich is one of those excellent staff members added over the summer.

Coming into her fourth year of teaching, Mrs. DIetrich brings a lot to the table for our Hobart high school English students. She received her bachelor’s degree at Indiana Wesleyan University majoring in elementary education, with a concentration in language arts. While at school Mrs. Dietrich was a student teacher in a second-grade classroom. She then began teaching freshmen English Composition at Purdue Northwest and at Ivy Tech, all while working for her masters in composition and rhetoric.

Mrs. Dietrich was told by a friend of hers who was the English department chair at Ivy Tech to become an English teacher. Her friend would say, if you have an English degree, you could rule the world. Mrs. Dietrich drew from that and began her journey to become a teacher. Mrs. Dietrich’s inspiration to become the teacher she is today came from a “really unique Children’s Literature professor” in college, who would give the coolest assignments and projects for his classes. She said that “He trusted that his students would learn from these engaging, fun experiences, and it made me want to be that way”. Mrs. Dietrich said that she “trusts her students to work and learn mostly on their own, maybe because I used to teach college freshmen”. She treats the writing process like a conversation: the transaction of clear communication often takes several tries, and she respects the process, as maddening as it sounds. But what she enjoys the most is all the “real talks” she gets to be apart of as a teacher

When Mrs. Dietrich is not busy being a teacher she lives up every second of her free time. She enjoys her time doing yoga with her cat, running in her neighborhood, cooking (badly), drinking “looooots” of coffee, and reading memoirs. She also enjoys spending her time watching shows such as The Great British Baking Show, Gilmore Girls, Friends and Doctor Who. Also enjoying the small miracles of Panda Express and dark chocolate.

The most sincere bit of advice Mrs. Dietrich wants to offer to students is to try new things as often as you can. She adds that “You never know what kinds of activities and communities you might fall in love with”. She also hopes that her students will remember that she values their individuality. She is a big believer in the theory of multiple intelligences, and that she tries to remember every day that all her students, no matter their grades, have different strengths and interests.

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Welcoming Mrs. Theresa Dietrich to our Brickie Staff