A New Face in the Guidance Office

Austin Yergler

Have you ever went to school and never know what you want to be? Well, that’s exactly how this successful school counselor felt.  She first went to college for business and administration with a minor in behavioral science.  Motivated by her professors she chose the path of behavioral science path. Inspired by all of her peers and classmates, talking about it with her friends and family about her future career she realized what she wanted to do, and become a school counselor.   Here at the Hobart High School, she is also engaged to a math teacher Mr. Hamilton.  Having a relationship partner can be very beneficial and they can help each other get through whatever they are going through. 

New High School counselor Mrs. Barnes

Being a school counselor involves a lot more responsibilities than just helping the school you work at.  She stated that she has to go back and forth between all of the Hobart schools. She was involved at the middle school because of the death of a young child in eighth grade.  She first started working at an elementary school with younger children and the little problems they have and now switching over to a high school is a totally different role than before. The difference between little children’s problems they are having at their home or in their class isn’t as dramatic as high schoolers problems.  

Although she loves her job she finds many hardships in her job she realizes that she has to have good self-care to not get burnt out of her job. By keeping good health and staying active so she doesn’t get bored and frustrated with what she does.  Holding all the stressful problems that many of the students have can cause her to have much stress.  She says to deal with this stress she does a lot of working out and practices good eating habits.