Winchester Movie Review

The movie Winchester is based on the life of a woman named Sarah Winchester. Way back in the late 1800s, Sarah was an heiress to the Winchester fortune and when she married into the family, she instantly inherited $20 million after her husband died; which left her a widow. Sarah Winchester believed for years that she was cursed. She went to a medium that told her that she was cursed by the many people that were killed by the Winchester rifle. The medium told her that in order to calm the spirits, she needed to move west and build a house for them to live in. It is believed that if construction on the Winchester house ever stopped, Sarah would join her husband and infant baby; both of whom died. So, Sarah continued to build the house for 38 consecutive years. She created trap doors, stairs that led to nowhere, and even doors that opened up to an unfinished floor.

The movie details her accounts with the “spirits” of her haunted life.

The cinematic masterpiece that is Winchester, involves beautiful scenery and decor that immerses you into the late 1800s and early 1900s. Helen Mirren displayed a certain poise and grace that was Sarah Winchester. The special effects makeup that went into the movie were nothing short of amazing. The directors, Michael and Peter Spierig, have developed a movie that is as frightening as it is historical. It offers an insight into the sorrowful life that Sarah Winchester endured. The spontaneous and impromtu scare tactics helped make the movie feel like it was more than just a historical film. It added to its mystery. In my opinion, I would watch this movie a thousand and one times.

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The real Winchester Mystery house.