Girls get the Homecoming Game

Liesl Martin, Contributer

For the first time ever in Brickie history, the Hobart High School girls’ basketball team played in the homecoming game instead of the boys. The game was also the girls’ senior night, and the team honored seniors Paige Nestich, Calynn Drobac, and Insydia Rivera.

Pictured above are the graduating seniors before the homecoming game. On the far left is Paige Nestich, followed by Caylnn Drobac, and on the far right Insydia Rivera.

Before the game started, all three senior girls were escorted across the gym by their parents and siblings, while the announcer talked about all of their accomplishments. Then a slideshow was played that showed pictures highlighting each senior player and dance team member, starting from when they were young, and evolving into a current picture.

Senior Paige Nestich watches as her fellow teammates are escorted across the gym by their families.

The girls ended up winning the homecoming game by 10 points, with a final score of Hobart 50 Merrillville 40. A sophomore Grace Nestich, who also is part of the starting lineup said “I’m really glad that we got to play in the homecoming game this year. I think that we should continue to get these types of opportunities in the future”. This is also a comment that many of the parents and other students have recently made. Why is this only the first time that the girls have had the opportunity to play in the homecoming game? Why has it just always been the boys?

Sophomore Grace Nestich playing in a previous game in the season. This photo was taken by Thomas Ling (Classic Photo)

The biggest question on Grace’s mind is if it’s going to continue. She wonders if the girls will continue to get to play in the homecoming game, or was this just a one-time occurrence? Was this just an accident.

As sports initially were introduced into high schools, such events were male-dominated as physical exertion was thought to be too much for the minds and bodies of females. Over time, this thought process definitely has changed as most high schools do have sports teams for both males and females. And while girls playing sports is commonplace today, their teams and sporting events still are secondary to male teams and sports.

Highlighting the athletic prowess of females in varsity sports helps to break down barriers and opens conversations demonstrating this gender is important and worthy of showcasing talents in high profile events such as the homecoming game. The girls’ varsity basketball team playing in the homecoming game is more than an important first step.

This homecoming basketball game is an exciting first step in a new and inclusive way of thinking about girls and the contributions they make to their sport and school spirit.