Insidious Movie Review

This very intense thriller has a long storyline between four movies.  In “Insidious Final Key: it is based on the original ghost hunter of all four of the movies.  Her childhood home was haunted as a child and she could see the ghosts within and her mother was killed in the basement of that house.  She ran away as a teen to pursue her talents of seeing ghosts.  In the movie, she is a 60-year-old woman who still fights ghosts and she gets a call from a guy that bought her abandoned childhood home asking for help because he realized it was haunted.  When she arrives she is paranoid because of her brutal childhood memories and realizes she has to beat this for her mother.  Within the movie, she is faced with many challenges and finds many devil spirits within the home.  In the movie she finds out she had two nieces and one of them had the same talent as her to see ghosts and is convinced she needs to help.  Both of them find the doorway and take over the man strongest spirit, and finds her mother as a beautiful angel spirit.


My interpretation of the movie is that it was quite good.  The storyline was followed very well and the development of the climax was very intense.  There were many turn of events during the movie which made it very mind-blowing.  This movie was very chilling and spine crawling during the entire movie and had you on your toes at all times.  I was truly a movie to carry on the Insidious storyline.

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