Hobart High’s December Athletes of the Month

Every month, Hobart High School selects two athletes of all sports as the “Athlete of the Month.” This award is very hard to receive considering how tough and competitive our athletes are. In the month of December, Hobart High School had chosen senior Zack Fattore, and senior Mikayla Zakutansky! Through the month of December, these outstanding athletes have stood out dramatically. They have provided stand out performances and statistics!

Not only are these two students stellar athletes, they are both currently in the top 15 rankings of the senior class! Having a class of over 300 students, you must put in serious time and effort to be of that hierarchy. These student-athletes already put in a lot of time with their sports, but to follow that up with AP assignments and work is a real task.

In the month of December, Zack Fattore won 3 tournaments, going undefeated through them all. He ran his way through the Jasper Invite, Hobart Super Duals, Brickyard Brawl, Kv Super Duals, and the legendary Al Smith Invitational. Zack is currently ranked second in the state of Indiana. Throughout the month of December, Zack managed to only give up one takedown! He beat the number 4, 8, 9, and 17th state-ranked wrestlers in the month of December as well. Some steller statistics from a stellar student. Zack just signed with the University of Chicago to continue his wrestling and education career! He plans to apply his math prowess in the economics field, though engineering is also a consideration, with aspirations to go to graduate school in the Ivy League.

Mikayla Zakutansky is ranked among the top 300 swimmers of the state! Some of her best times were 28.80 in the 50 yard free, 1:05.67 in the 100 yard free, 1:17.60 in the 100 yard back, and 2:41.51 in the 200 yard free. All of them being in the sectional championship. Mikayla’s teammates look up to her as a captain. One of her teammates stated, “Mikayla is always positive when we swim. She always makes sure that we stay positive and swim our best!” Staying on top of her school work is very important to her as well. Due to her work ethic, and excellent athletic ability, Mikayla Zakutansky signed with Olivet Nazarene University to continue her soccer and education career!

These two student-athletes are perfect examples of what it looks like to be a great student, and how hard you have to work to get what you want. Zack Fattore mentioned, “Yea, keeping up with my grades and making sure they are where I want them to be can be hard while in [wrestling] season, but you just have to break through that wall and push past your boundaries. Anyone can do it.”