What a Crisis in Paradise Means to You

Jack Huber

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The small island nation of Maldives is known primarily for its luxuries vacation getaway resorts.

Freedom is an issue that has plagued the world for many years. With crimes against humanity constantly being committed. Since the times of the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide, the world’s freedom has been mostly justified, however, a new crisis has arisen. The small island nation of Maldives is going through a deep political crisis. Known for its luxurious vacation spots, the small island is going through issues with a president openly violating the constitution by eliminating the position of chief justice and senior judge in the highest court of the country. President Yameen of Maldives says he wants to eliminate judges and people in authoritarian positions of opposing political ideologies. With the release of political prisoners, Yameen ordered a 15-day state of emergency in which unlawful searches and seizures have taken place.

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President Yameen has established an unconstitutional regime.

The current crisis in Maldives is one of the worst in modern history. The issue most likely will not be solved through diplomacy, so other options have been reintroduced to the limelight. As of now, the state security force is publicly backing President Yameen. It has become a recurring theme that India should be the one that steps in and leads the way for a peaceful solution in Maldives. No opposition leader is even allowed to carry out political activities. The shutdowns have created a sort of ‘state of nature’ for the people of the paradise island. The government has been arresting people with different ideologies for false crimes. This refusal of ideas resembles those of the past Soviet Union and modern day North Korea.

The growing concern for the people of Maldives has triggered a response from China. President Yameen claims he has the support of countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. Though it has not been proven, a shady Russian deal like this has happened before.

Though it may not seem like a problem for us here in the United States and especially us in Hobart, Indiana, these small issues can often be held on a very high pedestal. With Marxist and fascist ideals still around in this world, it is very too late to be grateful for your individual freedoms. Here in the United States, we are allowed different opinions and different political ideologies. We aren’t imprisoned for simply disagreeing and we are not punished for standing up to bigotry and hate. In fact, those who stand are often glorified and praised.

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The militia group ANTIFA has been the center of many protests in the United States, however, their methods are extremely radical.

There is still real evil out there in the world and it is important for people to recognize the difference between a tyrannical leader and a leader they dislike. In a society filled with people who get sensitive and emotional when someone disagrees with them, it is important to remember that there are still some places in the world where people do not have any voices at all.