A Delightful Addition to Hobart’s Guidance Staff

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A Delightful Addition to Hobart’s Guidance Staff

Anca Nalta-Cisma, Contributor

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When our guidance secretary of many years decided to retireThankfully an amazing woman stepped up to fill the position!  Mrs. Belk jumped at the offer to take the position of secretary. Upon accepting this offer, her position began immediately. Upon speaking with Mrs. Belk, my opinion on how teachers and staff see us students, changed very drastically. Mrs. Belk expressed her love and happiness for each and every one of the students in this school. She was a former secretary at Baker and Mckenzie Law Firm in Chicago. Therefore she is very experienced and the perfect woman for the job.

In her free time, she takes care of her 5 amazing kids and cleans around the house a lot. She has been apart of the Hobart Brickie community for fifteen years. Prior to becoming the new Guidance secretary, she also substitued for our office staff and occasionally in the classroom. Along with that, she spends many of her off days working with the Hobart High School theatre to create beautiful costumes. A hardworking and genuine woman, whose favorite part of her day is seeing each student walk in and out of the guidance office and worst part of her day is how fast it goes, is a person I know everyone in this school will be  extremely thankful to have added to our staff.

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A Delightful Addition to Hobart’s Guidance Staff