Mrs. Ring’s Class Creates Something Special

This week Mrs. ring’s class created something brand new! They spent time cutting out pieces, coloring paper plates and even made a giant die all for a brand new interactive board game about the underground railroad that stretched around the entire classroom. The object of the game was to make it to Canada before their slave owners or “bad guys” caught up to them. They rolled a huge die, and whatever number it landed on was the number of spaces they got to move. Depending on what type of space they landed on, they would have something specific to do. There were a variety of different spaces they could land on: a plain yellow arrow which meant they were safe and got to wait there until their next turn, a purple space that was called a safe house and meant that they were safe and got to stay there until their next turn, a white paper plate that had a picture of a pond and meant that they had to sleep there for the night so they lost a turn, a white paper plate with a picture of a bush that meant they had to sleep in the bush for the night so they lost a turn, and finally a big purple square with the words “answer a question”, and if they correctly answered the question asked they got to move one space up.

The die is rolled while the students move up spaces
Pictured is the different types of spaces that the students could land on

Victoria Alfaro, a freshman, says that they “cut out arrows, and made some plates for spaces like [losing] a turn”. She also says that they’ve been studying the underground railroad for weeks and that she had a really fun time playing the game. But this isn’t the only thing that the kids are interested in. Victoria is also involved in chess club and says that she really enjoys it. Another student in the class, Jacob Yardley, loves to play baseball. He told me that he won a trophy for baseball during his first game. Sophomore Chet Wagner goes to almost every home basketball game! He is very involved in the activities at Hobart High School.

Freshman Victoria Alfaro poses while playing the interactive board game she helped create. Victoria is also in the chess club.
Jacob Yardley also poses while playing the game that he contributed to. Jacob also plays baseball.
Chet Wagner smiles while he’s in the lead!

All of the kids in the class are exceptional. They worked very hard on this project, and their effort showed in their work. Every kid that I interviewed was very proud and excited to show me what they created.

Their accomplishments don’t go unnoticed at Hobart High School!

Serenity Smith shows a big smile as she plays the interactive board game