To Pursue Dreams and Pass Bills

Austin Yergler

High School students traveled to Indianapolis with the dreams of passing their own bills in the senate-house. The weekend of February 22nd, Youth and Government headed to the state house to debate and pass mock bills.  The purpose of Youth and Government is to perform a mock bill-passing process in the senate and house. This trip took place in Indianapolis in the state capitol building. 

Trip advisor, Colin May stated “Many of our bills were passed and many of our students were recognized for their efforts.  Our elected officers did an outstanding job of running the conference. While many were upset because it rained most of the time, I was thankful it wasn’t snow.  The kids really represented Hobart High school with dignity and professionalism. They should all be commended for their behavior and character.” Many dreams for students came true feeling the powerful effect of being able to pass their own bills in our government in society to try and make an impact on the world we live in today. 

Current senior of Hobart High School Skyler Sherwood created a bill to ban glitter due to its harmful effects on our oceans. Her bill was passed by both the house and senate. In addition to this bill, gun control bills, abortion rights bills and more were debated.  Skyler a current participant in Youth and Government has said, “Youth and Government was an awesome experience for me. It has made me a better public speaker and has gotten me more interested me in politics.”  This explains how excited and driven Skyler is towards politics and changing the world we currently live in. 

The whole Youth and Government team in the house of Senate in Indianapolis.