Hobart’s Football Coaching Staff Additions

Matthew Benton

Hobart football has made the biggest moves this offseason in the coaches category. They drew in one of the biggest names out there that were available. Dave Coil the ex-Valparaiso High School head coach will join the force of the Brickies this fall. Craig Osika will step into the head coaching role this year for the Brickies. Osika is a well-known role model in the Hobart community that kids look up to. The Brickies should have a strong coaching staff this year. When asked if he believed Hobart had built the best coaching staff in the region, Osika said, “We have the best staff in the region, all coaches were successful players which leads to great coaches in many occasions.”

Coach Osika holds a conversation with a Hobart player on the sideline.

Coil adds an element to the Brickies that they haven’t had in past years. An offensive mindset. In previous years the Brickies have based their offense off of what players they had in that particular year. Coil will install the passing game into the new formed Brickie offense. The Brickies who have been known for their hard nose defense will be a huge threat now as they add this offensive side to their game. There are three sides to a football game. The offense, Defense, and Special Teams. The winning team usually is better on two of the three categories. The Brickies have had the offense and special teams down for years. Now that they are adding the offensive game with Coil’s mindset they will be a tough team to beat around the region.

Coach Coil applauds his team on a Friday night last season.

The Brickies look to get back to their winning ways as they have in the previous two years. They have a majority of their starting players coming back from the year before and added a few solid pieces to their coaching staff. The Brickies will experience one schedule change though as they will drop Gary West Side and pick up Culver Military Academy. Even though it will be Coil’s first year at Hobart he will be the most experienced coach on the staff behind Balash and Kerr. Osika said, “ Having new Coaches is exciting for the program and players.” The players will have to adapt to the new coaches style as they play under him.