New teachers at HHS

Skye Lipke


Jason Cook is Hobart High’s new English teacher and new wrestling coach.

Mr.Cook is a new English 11 teacher at Hobart high school. He graduated from Valparaiso High School. Previous to teaching here at Hobart he taught at Chesterton for eight years and at Fishers High school in Indianapolis. Mr.Cook is also our new head wrestling coach when Coach Ramos stepped down. Mr.Cook enjoys teaching as a career because it allows him to help people directly, allows you to make people think about not today but the future, and to make a connection between what you like and what you need to know. The transition to teaching here at Hobart affected Mr.Cook and his family by now getting to live with his wife and spending more time with his family. He stated, “ I am excited to be back up in northwest Indiana where I’m from and I love it!” Mr.Cook is very pumped to be the new head wrestling coach. He stated earlier that eleven years ago he wanted to come to help out and coach here at Hobart and now that he had the opportunity again he jumped at it. He loves the tradition that Hobart has and how much the club and community are behind wrestling. He stated, “ I’ve been at restaurants in Hobart and wrestlers walk up telling me good luck, which it is in August compared to it being mid-January with people are asking if it is still wrestling season.”

Personal strengths that Mr.Cook finds helpful in his teaching is resilience, nobody learns everything their first time depending on the situation. He stated, “ I just keep at it and make sure my effort is extremely high all the time.” Mr.Cook enjoys being a wrestling coach because he gets to do exactly what I love every day while helping others do the same. Mr.Cook related teaching English to teaching preference saying “Nobody wants to write the whole essay but you become good at it by not giving up which is the same mentality as wrestling.” Outside of the classroom Mr.Cook enjoys painting and writing “weird things.”