Athlete of the month

I then asked what Alayiah’s favorite memory from volleyball this year. Her response was, “Sweeping Hanover Central in three sets.”


Every month Hobart High school chooses a new set of athletes of the month. I had the chance to interview one of them, Alayiah Melton. I learned a plenty of interesting things about Alayiah. Alayiah is currently a senior at Hobart. She was chosen as athlete of the month for volleyball. I learned that Alayiah has been playing volleyball for 6 years now.  I asked Alayiah why she thinks she was chosen for athlete of the month and she said, “It could be because of my grades and the stats from our games.” I was also able to learn that Hobart volleyball had a pretty good season this year.

 Alayiah was asked questions about her future and questions that included her High school years. Alayiah’s volleyball career was a very important subject to touch obviously so I asked her, “What challenges do you face with volleyball?” Alayiah informed me that this year she suffered from an injury that made her miss her last four games, including her senior night. She said she was able to come back and play a little bit in sectionals, but only the last 2 sets of the match. In the third set, she injured her knee and had to sit out for the rest of the game. It looks like Alayiah had a tough season this year. To take the attention off that upsetting subject, Alayiah was asked what her favorite memory from volleyball was this year. Her response was, “Sweeping Hanover Central in three sets.” Everyone loves a good win right! After knowing Alayiah has been in a sport for so long and has dealt with coaches for a while, the subject got brought up on if she would ever consider coaching. Alayiah said, “Absolutely not, people don’t understand the headaches and drama that coaches have to deal with from both players and the parents. It’s extremely exhausting.” So we know that coaching is out of the question.

Alayiah Melton after a good hit in volleyball.

Knowing different things about a student-athlete and not just their sport is always interesting. I included questions about different subjects. What teacher impacted her the most throughout high school was asked. Her response was Mrs.Slough and Mrs.Krieg because she has known them since she was in seventh grade. Alayiah attended volleyball camps that both Mrs.Slough and Mrs.Krieg would both host. Throughout the years she has grown close to them both and she now considers them family. Alayiah was asked to describe her senior year in 3 words and said fun, memorable, and exciting. So looks like Alayiah enjoyed her senior year minus the injury. I figured the subject of college was important. “Do you plan on going to college?” Her response was yes that she was accepted into Ball State so she is planning on attending college there. Alayiah also received a scholarship from Ball State which will also help out with the costs, how neat is that! I’m sure people were curious as to if Alayiah was going to continue her volleyball career in college, Alayiah’s response was no that she is planning on just focusing on school, I don’t blame her. “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Her response was, “Hopefully I have my degree and am starting a family, and I would like to move out of Indiana.

Only asking Alayiah 10 questions and I already learned so much about her. This was a neat experience to learn about a fellow classmate.