New Co- Principals at Hobart High School

Sarah Spalding

Misty Scheuneman

This year Hobart has a new set of principals. However, this time it’s different. For the first time in Hobart High School history, we have “co-principals.”  They are Misty Scheuneman and Brett Munden. They worked together at Hobart Middle School and this year at Hobart High School. “The major difference (between that middle school and the high school) is that middle school kids are bouncy and they rush and run. It doesn’t matter where they’re going they are always rushing as where high school kids are calmer and they know where they’re going. They just walk and they know how to walk down the hallway” Said Mrs. Scheuneman.
”We’re always striving for improvement… Were never going to just be satisfied with the status quo. We’re always trying to make it better” Mr. Munden said about his responsibilities.
Scheuneman and Munden both started at IU Bloomington. Scheuneman to be an English teacher and Munden to merely get his teaching license. Scheuneman did her student teaching at Crown Point High School then went to Hobart Middle School as an Assistant Principal that’s where she and Mr. Munden met. And then she came to Hobart High school. When she first got her Principal’s license (she went to Indiana State for that.)One of the things that she had to overcome is confrontation. She has never liked confrontation. She discovered that it’s just about talking with people and being respectful and solving a problem.”

Brett Munden

Initially, Mr. Munden wanted to be an attorney and was on that track his freshman year. He decided to get his teaching license because to get into law school there is no set major. As long as you get good grades you can get in. He ended up getting a teaching degree but still going to law school. He spent a semester in Law school at Michigan State until he decided that he didn’t want to do that.  He taught English for three years.  He coached a lot while he taught.  He thought that he wanted to be and Athletic Director. He kept applying for the athletic directing positions. He didn’t get it and then Munden got a call from the school two months later and they said “Do you remember applying for an Athletic Director Position” he said “yes”.  And even though they didn’t give him the job they said that they liked him and said “we actually think that you would be good as an administrative assistant.” He didn’t have his license yet but was working on it but they were willing to take him on as an assistant, so he could finish getting his admin license and be an administrative assistant. That led him to apply at Portage High School and he taught there for six years.  When asked what they wanted the student body to know about them they said, “We are here to help you. We can help with anything you need.”




Mr. Munden and Mrs. Scheuneman