Veterans Day

One of the JROTC people walking with the flag

November 11, 1938 veterans day became a national holiday. On this day we honor our veterans from the past and present. Each year Hobart High does a huge assembly on Veterans Day. Students, staff, and veterans gather in the gym for this assembly. We all sit together to watch and hear the school band play, the JROTC, and the winners for the Voice of Democracy speech read their speeches.  Most importantly, students and staff are invited to bring veterans from their family and community to be celebrated at this event.

I got the opportunity to speak to Mrs. Brumley, dean of students, who helps organize the assembly. What is the process of getting the assembly planned? “I usually have to start with some basic stuff over the summer, just getting the date and time nailed down and that kind of thing.” Mrs. Brumley said. She goes on explaining that the elementary school and the middle school have one too but they’re set up at different times. They also start getting invites out to veterans in September. These aren’t the only things that have to be done. “Throughout that whole fall I’m working with the band directors and Mr. Wolff to coordinate what’s going to happen.” she also added. I went on and asked what the school wants the students to take away from the assembly. Mrs. Brumley said, “I think to recognize that there were a lot of people who sacrificed for them and all of us. Just to take a moment remember that and notice it”.

I also got to speak to one to the Voice of Democracy speech winners, Mikey James. The other winner was Ethan Decanter. The Voice of Democracy speech, if you didn’t know, each year usually has a theme to it. This year the theme was “Why my vote matters” and students got to write speeches about why their vote matters. When Michael first found out about writing the paper he was excited. The paper wasn’t challenging for him to write. “I was excited to be able to show pride in my country,” he said. To be able to have your paper picked is a huge deal. What happens is your paper is submitted and veterans read the paper you wrote. “It’s pretty exciting. Humbling mostly, knowing that something that I just put out for a class is getting chosen as the district winner and now I’m going on to state. It’s humbling, it doesn’t make me prideful or anything it’s just humbling to be recognized for something like that”. 

Mikey James giving his Voice of Democracy speech