It’s Basketball Season

Madison McCall

As fall sports end and we welcome in the winter sports, the girls basketball team has an interesting season ahead of them. From them losing girls from last season, the size of the team has decreased with both the number of players and size of players. I was able to get in touch with a couple players on the girls varsity basketball team and head coach Tim Feddler to get an inside scoop of the season so far. I asked Starting guard Kora Neace “How do you think the season is going to go?”. She answered with “ We have lost a lot of great girls and looking back on last year we are a much smaller team, so how this season is going to go will be a surprise to all of us”.  Nobody really ever knows how a season is going to go, but with the loss of many girls and new girls coming in it is a real surprise. While interviewing Coach Feddler I got to find out how he views coaching and how it impacts his life. Coach Feddler responded, “Coaching impacts my life in a way that keeps me competitive. It allows me to be around the game that I grew up playing. It has allowed me to develop strong relations throughout the years that only coaches and players can have different than that of a teacher and coach. My best relationships in education come from players I had the great opportunity to work with”. I also asked Feddler, “What are your best and worst memories coaching?”, His response was “The simple answer is the best memories are the wins and the worst are the losses. Some of my best memories have come at the end of the season when a kid truly appreciates what you have done for them or a parent appreciates what I have done for their kids. It is as simple as a kid or parent thanking me after a year or as kind as a thoughtful gift given to me by an appreciative player or parent. We as coaches do not get a lot of positive feedback in this job, we usually deal with the negative, so when someone shows appreciation for what we do, those memories stand out above the rest. My worst memories are any time I have to cut a kid or even when I have those moments of yelling at a kid on the team. Most people think those things don’t affect coaches, but there hasn’t been a time I’ve ever cut a kid on the team or individual that didn’t go home questioning what I’ve done of feeling bad for it”. The season has only started and hopefully, it is a good one. Good luck Lady Bricks.