Silent Night 2018



Every year during the fall season HHS puts excitement into one of our boy’s varsity basketball games called silent night. For eight years now Hobart High School has been making this one game for basketball something to see. The reason behind the special silent night game was to generate more excitement and enthusiasm for the student body to start wanting to show support to our school. The staff wanted to make the students want to get out, to show more support to the team. So they knew they had to do something to spice up the game by giving us one game that all of us can look forward to. Mr. Black is now athletic director and former chemistry teacher was the person behind bring the silent night to Hobart High. He supported our Hobart basketball team and wanted the rest of the school to do too. He thought this would be great for the school and the community to come all together and do something great and fun as one

And that just was this game does for us Brickies the First night Black said: “ The end of January of 2012 was the first Hobart silent night game and it was awesome and we thought we’re doing this again.” Mr. Black got the Silent Night game from a different school, he saw how well it was doing for them by letting there students let off steam before finals week and wanted to let us do the same. The rules behind the game are simple during the game up until we reach our eight-point everyone from Hobart has to stay silent.  Thus the name Silent Night. To add to the fun, students were also asked to dress in costumes.   Every year that we’ve done this has been a great turn out, Hobart always has all kids come from the middle school kids to the elementary’s come.  This one game has been so impactful on our community since the very beginning, and we plan on keeping this positive energy from the game alive. Silent Night is always that game to look forward to during basketball season.