The Race To Win

Zachary Guthrie

This is the first year of Kart Club sponsored by Mr. Schultz and Mr. Bennett. They decided to do the Go-Kart project because they thought it would be a fun project for students that are interested in it. The G0-Kart is all electric and runs on 12-volt batteries. This club involves, “lots of problem-solving to figure out how things work and connect to each other because there is no manual. Lots of research is involved in figuring out where specific parts go,” Mr. Bennett the club sponsor stated. As the students build this cart, “they learn different angles of problem-solving and engineering as well as the technical aspects of it while having fun.” The students look forward to building it and racing it, “they want to run it now. They are always asking me and Mr. Schultz to go into the classroom to work on the Kart” Mr. Bennett said.

The kart is still in the building process. The building team is hoping to get the kart running within the next few weeks and run it for tests. The building team meets whenever they can for 2 hours during the week. It’s all about trial and error as it gets closer to race time. The Club only has 8 weeks until they have to run it down at the Indianapolis 500 Speedway for International finals on May 15.

There is more to the Go-Kart project than just building it. There are multiple teams in the entire project. There is a marketing team and a merchandise team that meets on Tuesdays. The marketing team is in charge of getting the word out of the project in the community. They are also in charge of getting sponsors for the Go-Kart and budgeting the project. The merchandise team is in charge of making clothing products for the team to wear when they go to the race. There is also a group that is doing just the math calculations to determine how fast the actual cart can go. “As of right now, we don’t know how fast the Go-Kart will go. We are thinking it should go between 20-30 mph,” Mr. Schultz said. The club is still accepting new members to help with this project, see Mr. Bennett or Schultz for questions.