New Chemistry Teacher Joins Our Team

Mrs. Higgason is a new chemistry teacher here at Hobart High School. She attended Butler University for her bachelor’s degree. She went to Butler because she got a scholarship there as a first-generation college student. She then went to Purdue Calumet to get her masters, and after working for a bit in business she went back there to get her teaching license. She originally majored in chemistry. She was inspired by her fifth-grade teacher to become a teacher. Even though she loves working with younger kids, she got her teaching license in science for 5th through 12th grade. She wanted to be a positive influence on middle and high school students and has been over the 20 years of her teaching career.
Mrs. Higgason started her teaching career at Purdue Calumet teaching both math and chemistry, and from there worked at a lot of different schools through grant projects. She had moved to our school because Hobart was something she was always drawn to. She had started that we have a strong sense of pride that is very visible when you don’t live in Hobart. She had also stated that she admired teachers and administration that went here.
Making an impact on students is a very important part of being a teacher. Through building relationships, getting to know students and letting them get to know her she plans to make an impact. She hopes that she has made an impact on students.
While trying to make impacts on students, there are good parts and bad parts. Some good parts of her job are the students. She really enjoys being with her students and learning how phenomenal they are inside and outside of school. Some of the hardest parts about her job are thinking you’re not reaching some students and spending a lot of time trying to reach the students that you believe you aren’t reaching. When asked Mrs. Higgason said that she became a teacher because “I believe that the future is the key to our success and that a lot of the problems that we have globally are issues that even though I can try to be apart of solving. I really know it’s your generation that’s gonna be really faced with some of these problems and I want to help provide some of the tools in your tool belt so you feel equipped to go forward and really be a vision of change.” She enjoys what she is doing and when she was asked if she wanted to change her career if she could, she said,” No. This is exactly what I want to do,” Some advice she gives to those who are wanting to become teachers is to get some experience first and really figure out if that’s what you want to do, and that goes for any job.