Another New Face for HHS

Diego Verduzco

Have you ever had your Chromebook malfunction? If so then you probably went to the media center to have it get fixed. When you were there you probably saw Mrs. Eberle there ready to help you. Mrs. Eberle is our Media Specialist Assistant for Hobart High School. She deals with damaged or defective Chromebooks that come in and she finds out what’s wrong with them and then she tries to fix them on the spot for students if she can. 

This is her first year working for the high school but it is her ninth year working for the school city of Hobart. She previously worked at the ELC where she hosted the library for kindergartners and preschoolers and loved to bring the books to life when she read them to the children. She was interested in working at the ELC because when her two children, Mackenzie and Ben Eberle were beginning kindergarten she wanted to be a part of their schooling. 

Recently this year Hobart started voice and choice where students are able to choose an activity to do during power hour whether they need extra help in a certain subject or if they want to have a fun time doing a physical activity or play board games. Mrs. Eberle took full advantage of it and started her own voice and choice option where she brings art supplies to the school for the kids. She loves to see everyone touch their creative side when they come in. 

 Mrs. Ebrele enjoys being outside whether she is with her husband and her two children or her two little dogs. Mrs. Eberle and her husband have been together since they were in jr. high. They both graduated from Merrivile high school and have been married for 28 years. Talk about high school sweethearts; or jr. high sweethearts.  When she wants to clear her mind or get fresh air Mrs. Eberle enjoys going outside and walking Mrs. Eberle and her family has a cottage in Northern Michigan that they visit regularly throughout the year. When Mrs. Eberle and her family visit their cottage they take that time to disconnect from their phones and connect as a family. While at their cottage they do all sorts of outdoor activities like fishing, boating, skiing, snowmobiling, campfires, kayaking, and off-roading in their ATV.

Mrs. Eberle is a very active Mom and wife. She enjoys spending time with her family every chance that she gets. When there is a break from school she is eager to head up to her cottage in Northern Michigan with her family. She loves to disconnect from the internet every so often and just connects with her family. Mrs. Eberle is a well-rounded person whose passion in life is to see students be creative and have as much fun as possible.


Mrs. Eberle and her dog Molly enjoy the wind in their hair on their boat ride on Big Star Lake.
Mrs. Eberle and her family with their two dogs out for a jaunt through Manistee National Forest.
Mrs. Eberle and her husband Marc are out for a morning trail ride near their cottage up North.
Mrs. Eberle brings the Pigeon book to life with a pigeon costume on as she reads to students at the ELC.
Mrs. Eberle and her family enjoy their sunny boat ride with their two dogs.
Ben and Marc celebrate their first bass of the year at their cottage up North.
Mrs. Eberle let Mackenzie drive during their morning cruise through the trails near their cottage.
Mrs. Eberle reads “Charlie The Ranch Dog” (in a cowboy) to her students at the ELC through zoom!
Mackenzie and Ben pose for a picture while on vacation in Florida.