The Surprising Alexander

Miss Alexander has hidden pieces of her life from us.

April 5, 2022

You may think you know Miss. Alexander from middle school or high school. But something you might not know is that Miss. Alexander has a daring side to her, she has hiked up to the top of a mountain where there was a waterfall,  she has gone tubing and jumped off rocked cliffs into the water in Tennessee. 

Another thing you might not know about Alexander is that she has a pretty big family. At 27 she has 15 nieces and nephews and is even a great aunt! She also loves hanging out with her dog and family! Year round she goes to the beach with her dog and walks the trails and goes out with her family. She may not have many hobbies but that’s because she works a lot! In the meantime, she binge watches Netflix and enjoys quality time with the people she loves.

Miss. Alexander could only be seen as your teacher, but she is so much more than that! Having a conversation with her can open up a new perspective towards her. She is understanding, fun, relatable, and has an open-heart. 

For her, teaching was an “old dream revisited.” Alexander wants to be the teacher she always wanted to have. The thing she loves most about teaching is seeing her students grow. 

Now, you may know Miss. Alexander from Middle School or High School. She loved teaching in the Middle School but High School has brought more experiences. She is able to teach higher classes and use her degree more! Another thing is, the students are more independent since they’re older and she likes that. 

Miss. Alexander has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. She didn’t want her degree to go to waste, so she decided to become a teacher. She loves what she teaches and wouldn’t change a thing. In her humble opinion, due to labs and experiments, science is the most fun and interesting subject. If science wasn’t on the table, she would want to teach English! Reading is why English is runner up and as she said, “grammar is okay.”

I asked Miss. Alexander for advice she would give to her students, and she gave the most wonderful, plentiful, and stunning advice.

“Grow into the type of person that you would want to know and be friends with, and whatever that looks like for you.”

Miss. Alexander is an amazing teacher, and a wonderful person all around. It was a pleasure getting to know her!

“Grow into the type of person that you would want to know and be friends with, and whatever that looks like for you.

— Miss Alexander

Alexander’s 2021-2022 school picture.


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