A Cinderella Story

After several seasons of defeat, the Hobart Brickies have come back for vengence


Varisty girls huddling up before the start of the game.

Alyssa Janik, Student

Hobart High School’s volleyball team has been rocking the court recently! As of right now, they have won eleven games which hasn’t happened since 2012. As the regular season is coming to a close, they are getting ready for sectionals.

This year is entirely different. There was a major coaching staff change for the Brickies varsity volleyball team. The new head varsity coach is one of our social studies teachers, Ms. Madison Price, who played volleyball at Andrean when she was in high school. She took on the coaching job with ease and had no problems changing the volleyball program to ensure this season would be different. She started pre-season earlier than the previous coaches to ensure the girls were ready for the season. The girls were lifting in our newly improved weight room and conditioning with our conditioning coach Mr. Wesley.

Coach Price says, “There are many more standards for the girls and things they must hit. It’s a lot more disciplined this year…They have to do a lot more conditioning this year. They’ve never really done any and now we condition every practice”. Over the summer they had two practices a day, conditioning in the mornings and practicing in the afternoons. Coach Price wants to hold them to a standard of play, but more importantly a behavioral norm. She wants to make sure these girls are showing themselves and their teammates with respect.

“I think the change is something we needed. We needed someone different to push us,” senior Angelina Priestly states. “I think this change was extremely good, she and Coach K (assistant coach Kristy Hawkins) prioritized team bonding and fitness over skill first.”

Coach Price wanted a clean slate when joining the coaching staff. She wanted to change the focus this year. Their focus this year was not only to be mentally strong but also to finish what they started.

“My focus for this year was just to do better than we did last year, whether that’s shown by winning games or just how the girls are playing in general and getting along with each other,” said Coach Price. “My focus has been just to make sure that the girls are getting the most out of their season and playing their best.”

As of right now, the regular season has come to an end. Their final record this season is 11-17. Their first round of sectionals is this Thursday, October 13th. They will be playing Chesterton whose final standings were 15-16. The girls are confident are ready to take them on

“Yes, it will be hard and we will need to fight for each and every point. But if we put our minds to it I think we can get far. I am hopeful that we can beat Chesterton,” Angelina said. “We are a different team. Being we want to compete this year and we know we can.”