Lights, Camera, Action For Film and Graphic Classes at HHS!

If you are interested in film or designing graphics, Mr. Crouch has the classes for you!


Are you a student at HHS and interested in a graphic or film class?  Maybe you’re itching for new editing skills but you have no idea what classes to take or you want to become a digital designer. Well, Gregory Crouch or Mr. Crouch has the classes you’re looking for, also some of his classes can earn you dual credit, soon all of his classes will be dual credit. He teaches three different levels of each of his classes. There are three different graphics classes and three different video classes and each one covers a different subject building off the other. One of his students in a film class won $2,000 for his public service announcement for Drive Safe Chicago and was even broadcasted on live TV!

Mr. Crouch’s responsibilities for Hobart High School contain him taking teaching care of the graphic classes and video classes but there’s more. He is a part of the football team, he runs the HTV Sports practices and they film the practices along with the games so the coaches can better their players. When he was younger he always had an eye for film and would look at film differently and be able to see it in a different way.   His mom was able to convince Mr. Crouch that he’d be good at film so he decided he would pursue a film career. After going through school and working freelance he eventually worked on tech for the school. The Radio & TV teacher retired and the spot was open and just right for Mr. Crouch. His favorite part about teaching these classes is, “The best part this repeats previous sentence about teaching this class is literally seeing what all the students can create, seeing all stuff that comes out of their head and seeing the final product and seeing how proud they are of that final product. That is the best part of my day is when they have that “A-ha” moment and they can see they can create something from nothing.”

If you make a project and take pride in it, you are able to add anything from the class to your portfolio. If you enter college for film production and have awesome projects from your high school class, the colleges would love to see your progress throughout the year. Even if you’re not entering college for any film, the projects can show your creativity and teamwork that it took. For example, the finals I did for Crouch I find worthy to have in my portfolio. Not exactly that they’re amazing but to show my progress taking his film classes and show the difference between the first time I took his class to the last time. I have a music video made and a news video me and my class did together and I was the talent director for it. There is so much that can go into your portfolio and there are tons of fun projects waiting for you.

A way you can use these skills after school as a potential career Mr. Crouch states, “One of the largest up and coming job positions is a social media manager, a social media manager  is going to need graphic skills, people skills and sometimes video skills to able to manage all those social media platforms.” He continues to list examples that an employer would look for, such as being able to make pamphlets, logos, and flyers. With these skills on deck, you could earn one of the biggest future jobs and get ahead of the game. 


If you’re interested in how to become a YouTuber, how to edit a film, how to use a green screen, how to add explosions/sound effects, or just anything these classes are for you. If you want to become a graphic designer or a digital artist then graphic classes are the route for you. If any of those careers interest you must take the graphic classes, the names are “principles of digital design, digital design graphics, digital design and layout” in order. For the film classes, they’re called, “principles of broadcasting, audio and visual essentials, and mass media.” I highly recommend taking these fun classes, you won’t regret it.