In the Eyes of Future Educators

The definition of an educator, according to Oxford Languages, is “a person who provides instruction or education; a teacher”. Teachers make impacts on the lives of their students every day, to the point where their students aspire to make a difference just like those teachers did in their lives. Hobart High School offers a dual credit class called Education Professions I or Introduction to Teaching, and a second level to this class called Education Professions II; this class gives students an opportunity to gain field experience, and gain insight into how a teacher does their job. Through projects like lesson plans, field trips to observe teachers at different schools, and more are just some of the few amazing things that go on in this class.

Juniors Shaunice Haymon and Hailey Warkentien were interviewed to give an inside perspective of this class:

Do you think that the Education Professions class gives you valuable experience to prepare you for life in the education field, and if it does why? 

SH: “I think it does, it gives you different things to deal with, like right now we are learning about IEPs (Individualized Education Plans), and I did not know about them until being in this class, and this class also teaches you the rules in which the ways you have to speak to kids.”

HW: “The class shows you how to create lesson plans and how IEPs work, and you learn about different types of students and the accomodations they might need in a classroom whether it is a general education class or special education class. I think it is very valuable information to learn for our future of teaching.”

Throughout the course of the year, the Education Professions class went on multiple field trips to gain field experience; this involved interacting with the students, interacting with the teachers, taking notes, observing behavior, etc. The class visited the Early Learning Center, Hobart Middle School, and Veterans Elementary School. During these field trips the students were able to make connections with the children, and gain valuable experience while observing the other classes.

From our field trips from this year, and last year which school was the  most memorable to visit?

SH: Last year it had to be the Early Learning Center; even though I know I do not want to teach kindergarten just because I loved seeing how they interacted, and I enjoyed the hugs I received from them.

HW: I would also have to say the Early Learning Center because of their interactions with us. Even though we are also other students they were so interactive with us, and showed a lot of joy and seemed to accomodate to us quickly.

Has the Education Professions class inspired you to become a teacher?