Marching band takes it to the next level

Angelina Maldonado and Francesca Hart September 30, 2019

  Marching band is more than just the uniforms and the instruments. The people behind those instruments are truly passionate and dedicated to what they enjoy. Taking part in a team and...

The Time To Cheer Is Here

The Time To Cheer Is Here

Gabby Cottrell October 29, 2018

As the season is nowhere near over for the Hobart cheerleaders, their coach explains how well the season has been so far. Kriste Bell, cheerleading coach had many great things to say about her new...

History Made at Hobart High School

Brandon Marciniak, Contributor May 23, 2018

History was made this past spring at Hobart High School. That history was having the school’s first Unified Track team. This is starting to be a trend for the school’s of Indiana as it’s numbers...

Montego Bay Grille: Down town Duo

Brandon Marciniak May 14, 2018

Montego Bay and Grille Resturant in down town Hobart _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you’re looking for a culture change...

A Delightful Addition to Hobarts Guidance Staff

A Delightful Addition to Hobart’s Guidance Staff

Anca Nalta-Cisma, Contributor March 13, 2018

When our guidance secretary of many years decided to retireThankfully an amazing woman stepped up to fill the position!  Mrs. Belk jumped at the offer to take the position of secretary. Upon accepting...

A New Face in the Guidance Office

Austin Yergler March 13, 2018

Have you ever went to school and never know what you want to be? Well, that's exactly how this successful school counselor felt.  She first went to college for business and administration with a minor...

Welcoming Mrs. Theresa Dietrich to our Brickie Staff

David A. Castro, Contributer February 12, 2018

Get to Know Mrs. Dietrich We have many new faces to our 2017-2018 Hobart High School staff. Luckily Mrs. Dietrich is one of those excellent staff members added over the summer. Coming...

Brickie Wrestlers Preview:

Brandon Marciniak, Contributor January 9, 2018

As the fall has past and winter is upon us, a new sport is on the horizon already well into its body of work. Usually, the talk of the town of Hobart is Football. How can it not be? But the past couple...

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