Check Mate

Check Mate

March 20, 2023

The School City of Hobart sent 5 teams, a total of 20 students, downstate to Martinsville, Indiana to represent the Hobart Chess Team in the Scholastic Chess of Indiana Team State Championships.  This...

Slam Poetry Back in Action

Slam Poetry Back in Action

March 20, 2023

Congratulations to the Hobart High Slam Poetry Club students who competed at Rooted and Radical: Young Chicago Authors’ regional slam competition this weekend. Poets Sofia Melgarejo, Mayzellie Rabadan,...

Inspired by the Past

February 6, 2023

Gianna Rodriguez is an ambitious senior at Hobart High School, trying to fulfill her dreams of someday becoming a muralist. This passion was sparked by her mother, who grew up based in the arts. Gianna’s...

In the Eyes of Future Educators

February 6, 2023

The definition of an educator, according to Oxford Languages, is “a person who provides instruction or education; a teacher”. Teachers make impacts on the lives of their students every day, to the...

Lights, Camera, Action For Film and Graphic Classes at HHS!

Lights, Camera, Action For Film and Graphic Classes at HHS!

Gamaliel Cruz January 13, 2023

Are you a student at HHS and interested in a graphic or film class?  Maybe you’re itching for new editing skills but you have no idea what classes to take or you want to become a digital designer. Well,...

Patchables: The other side of the story.

January 13, 2023

Isis and Kayla right after they won Innovate within Isis Fleming and Kayla Davis were sitting in Isis’ basement, trying to figure out their idea for Mr. Schultz’s project. They had already changed...

Brickie Leaders Doing Great Things

Brickie Leaders Doing Great Things

Rylee Elkins November 30, 2022

Brickie Leaders is a wondrous experience for all that's in it. We spend our time spreading kindness to our high school community, starting with post-it notes and service projects. Being a leader is about...

Our School Mom

October 14, 2022

On the first day of school, she starts walking into Mrs. Polizotto's French class. The students are all talking nervously and trying to figure out how this year might be. Mrs. Polizotto goes and greets...

Have you seen?

Alasia Parker April 5, 2022

In the school year of 2021-2022, Hobart High School was lucky to receive a new school nurse and teacher. Nurse/ Mrs. Candiano, who is a graduate of Hobart High School, is now the school nurse during...

The Surprising Alexander

Margo Page, Student April 5, 2022

You may think you know Miss. Alexander from middle school or high school. But something you might not know is that Miss. Alexander has a daring side to her, she has hiked up to the top of a mountain where...

Twenty Five Years and Counting

Jackie Ramirez April 5, 2022

Many students in HHS lookout for Ms. Krolak because she’s like a school mom. Gives the best advice, is helpful, trusting, and most importantly caring. Hearing her laugh and getting her presence is...

Passion of Ann Janda

Malachi Sheriff, Student March 29, 2022

“Passion of Ann Janda” Ann Janda is one of the most positive people that are in the education system. Janda is a 51-year-old teacher who enjoys her career and enjoys hobbies such as Cross Stitch,...

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