Brickies Make Their Way To The Top Of Agony Hill!

Brickies Make Their Way To The Top Of Agony Hill!

A Day to Remember: Brickies at the New Prairie Invitational

Last September 16th, our cross country brickies raced at the New Prairie Invitational. 

It was an important race for our team, and also to every family member who made the effort of coming here to cheer our athletes. It was a big meet, with cross country teams from all across the state .


The meet started at 7.00 am and it finished at 12.30pm with the last girls race, making this a long but great day. Luckily, the weather was nice, and our athletes managed to take advantage of it.

Luckily, there weren’t any major incidents and everyone managed to finish the race. In this meet. athletes, coaches, parents and family were able to enjoy themselves while racing or cheering in this region showdown! 


The challenging course of the New Prairie Invitational is known for its beautiful but harsh forest paths, where runners have to watch their step if they don’t want to fall into the sometimes rooted, sometimes sandy terrain that makes this course so difficult. In addition to that, we can’t forget its steep hills such as the well-known agony hill, in which athletes struggle the most and it is one the most important key points of the race. Our athletes were challenged to prove their toughness, and they did a great job. As Coach A uses to say, “no matter what type of terrain you have to run in, your fitness it’s still there”


The results of this challenging meet were impressive and many athletes managed to PR by getting outstanding times that made the team earn some points. After the long meet, everyone was tired, but proud. 

It was a good day for the Brickies, they were able to show their effort and their motivation to be excellent on purpose!

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