Hobart Brickie Football falls to Kankakee Valley Kougars

Our Hobart Brickies faced a long, nervous bus ride to Kankakee Valley on Friday night. With confidence and pride Hobart took the field to warm up. The parents, students, and cheerleaders were all bundled up and excited for the game to begin.

After kick off, Hobart started on the 45 yard line. With the first down. Beginning in the first quarter, Noah Smith made the first touchdown of the game! Making it 7-0 with the extra point. Soon to follow in the second quarter, KV scored a touchdown making it 7-6. After Hobart recovers a fumble, Jared Zanolla makes a 22 yard pass to Monte White making it 13-6 with only 8:21 left in the first half! The crowd was cheering and just as excited as the team was. Shortly after, KV ran in for a score. Making it 14-13 after the two point conversion. At Half time, KV leads 21-13.

The crowd returned to the stands after getting hot dogs and hot chocolate after half time. A touchdown was made by KV making the score 34-13, blocking the extra point by the Brickies. Soon after, a Hobart touchdown was made by Satterfield! KV still led 34-20. In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Luke Budzielek punted for the Hobart Brickies making that first down KV. KV made a long run making it first and goal. KV scored. KV was still in the lead with the score 40-20. Although, Hobart is still was not giving up, Monte White made another touchdown with the score now 40-27!

Time quickly ran out on our Brickies. With sweat running down their faces, they make it a close game. There are more games to come this season so the Bricks are keeping their heads held high. The boys loaded the buses for the long ride home. Coming this Friday the Bricks will take on Andrean at the Brick Yard at 7 pm. Come out to support our boys! Bricks don’t break!

Hola, Mrs. Greenwood

Welcome, Mrs. Greenwood, to Hobart High School. Originally from Gary, IN, she is prepared to make students college and career ready. Mrs. Greenwood has been hired to teach Spanish this year at HHS and we are lucky to have her.

Mrs. Greenwood has studied from Butler University, to Indiana University Northwest, to even abroad study in the University of Salamanca in Spain. She also encourages students to study abroad as well, as she thinks that students can gain more experience in a more diverse environment. This comes from an experienced teacher, as well; she has previously taught at Hammond as an ELL coach and Thea Boman Leadership Academy, teaching Spanish in grades 5-12.

Mrs. Greenwood is a hard-working teacher dedicated to the success of her students.

As she said in an interview: “When I thought about teaching somewhere else, I had considered Hobart because of the many good things I have heard about the Brickies. I felt very welcome upon coming here, as the staff has helped me as well as the friendly Foreign Language department.”

It’s apparent that we can look forward to a year of laughs and success. Mrs. Greenwood, here’s to you.

Air Jordan 11’s

Imagine yourself filling out the raffle ticket to receive your first pair of retro Jordan’s. You’re patiently but anxiously waiting on the call to confirm that foot locker has reserved a pair just for you. Especially with the retro Jordan 11 ” Legend Blue” dropping this December, everyone one is hoping to experience that moment. Everyone who loves Jordan’s and who are fans of the Jordan brand, would love to get their hands on the retro 11’s, coming this holiday.

December is usually a big time of the year for The Jordan Brand. Releasing its most popular version of the Retros, it is highly anticipated; especially for the sneaker heads. The shoes however, were original released back in 1996 when Michael Jordan himself wore them in the NBA all star game. Then the shoes were re issued back in 2001. Now they are making a comeback but this time with a different name.

The shoe itself seems so slick and smooth looking. It has a full grain upper sole, a white-patent overlays, a black lining and light blue accents on the tongue and the Jumpman logo. To Finish off the look, at the bottom of the shoe has a smooth light blue translucent out sole and the number 13 on it in Roman numeral . They look good in the box, but even better on feet.
The shoes have said to released on December 20 2014. People would love to get their hands these hot exclusive Retro Air Jordan’s. People will be standing in line with their money ready to pay and exchange for the shoes to add to their Jordan collection. This will be a great early Christmas gift to put under the tree.

Welcome Mr. Greenberg

Hobart’s well known teacher, Mr. Balash has been out on leave due to being sick. As a substitute for Team Sports, his good friend Mr. Greenberg has filled in till further notice.

Mr. Greenberg doesn’t have that much experience teaching at Hobart, although he grow up here as a Brickie he explained that he never had taught before until Mr. Martinson asked to be the substitute fill in.

Being in the gym was something Greenberg very much liked to do. Growing up he was always active playing sports with the kids in the neighborhood and local parks. He fit perfectly for the job.

I’m enjoying being a sub so far, as the kids this year are good and all my classes are great! I’m excited for how the rest of the year is going to go,” he explained in an interview.

Be sure to welcome Mr. Greenberg to HHS this year.

Our beloved Yohan

The Hobart Brickies very own mascot, Yohan is one of the most unique and devoted team mascots across the nation. Yohan is also one of the reasons our school has so much school spirit. This years Sophomore student, Tamaryea Hamilton has decided she want to take on the position of being our mascot.

On Friday September 12, Tamaryea played in her first game at Kankakee Valley, against the Cougars. As she was nervous for her first game she looked for good ways to pump up the crowd, with halftime dance moves and the perfect mix of energy to add to the school event. As the crowd seemed to like what she was doing, Ms. Swafford said she’s a shoe in for the job. After the game Tamaryea took tons of pictures with the students, kids, and families. She talked about how much she enjoyed participating in it and likes the feeling of being involved in school events. She’s ready to Brickie Up with school sprit and be our Yohan every game. Come check out the Hobart Brickies and our beloved Yohan next Friday at 7:00 pm, as our football team takes on Andrean at home.

Katy Perry: a tour to remember

The album Prism by Katy Perry has been listed for 688 weeks in 20 different charts. With this being said, it’s no surprise that Perry brings in thousands of fans at every concert in the Prismatic World Tour. While her California Dreams tour was candy-themed fun, Prism brings fans Prismatic fun, a trip to Egypt, a cat-themed world, a heartfelt acoustic session, a throwback to the 80’s, and A hyper neon dance party. Her goal with this tour was to be closer than ever with her fans, and while successfully attaining this goal, she ensures all fans leave there with twinkles in their eyes, and happiness in their hearts.

Perry begins the concert with a Prismatic theme. She sings her songs “Roar”, “Part of Me”, “Wide Awake”, and “This Moment/Love Me”. During this set she focuses on introducing herself and what she stands for as an artist. With flashing lights, nonstop movement, and her prismatic light up costume, this is the set that sets the mood for the rest of the night.

When the next set began, Katy brought her fans all the way to Egypt to perform “Dark Horse”, “E.T.”, “Legendary Lovers”, and her first single “I Kissed a Girl”. She entered the stage by mechanical horse wearing a gold headband, and other Egyptian attire. During this act it tells a story of two Pharaohs fighting for the love of the Pharest, while her female dancers are dressed as mummies who chase her around the stage. By the end of this set, Perry is hooked to a rope and raised into the air to mimic how one would look if abducted by aliens.

After Perry and her dancers disappear for a quick costume change, she returns in a pink body suit and a cat mask. All of her dancers are dressed as cats as well, and the stage is full of cat houses and balls of yarn. During this set she sings “Hot N Cold” and “International Vogue Smile”. She ends this segment by having one of her dancers dump a giant glass of white confetti on her before she exists the stage.

While it has all been fun up until this point, Perry attempts to show a more serious side during her acoustic session. She enters the stage with pastel rainbow hair and a bright glittery dress, and offers two different fans in the pit to take a “selfie” with her on the way across stage. After this she begins what she says is her “favorite part of the show”, when she gets to communicate with fans, talk about herself, and even eat pizza with a fan. She then sings her songs “Thinking of You”, “The One That Got Away”, and “By the Grace of God”. While singing her slower songs she asks that everyone shine their flashlights on their phones to “light up” the stadium.

To bring the show to a close, Perry does two scenes that are very much alike. These particular acts include songs “Walking on Air”, “Birthday”, “Megamix Dance Party”, “It Takes 2″, “TGIF”, “TIHWD”, “Teenage Dream”, and “California Gurls”. Perry creates an 80’s vibe on stage with colorful costumes, and nonstop dancing. During this particular act there is a dance cam which looks for any fans that are dancing and displays them on the big screen. This is a wonderful end to the show because it leaves fans feeling positive and full of excitement.

Over all, the Prismatic World Tour is meant to bring happiness and harmless fun to thousands of people every night. Perry has a great deal of love for her “Katy Cats” (fans), and she puts in a lot of effort to create such extravagant shows for them. This show in particular is definitely one to consider for anyone looking for a good time.

Girl’s bowling is underway

Accuracy and speed are a few things the girl’s bowling team needs to make it down the slick, greasy lane. With only one shot to get a strike, the pressure to perform is on.

Varsity bowling player, Maryssa Carey, has a good feeling that this year will be a great season.

Maryssa stated in an interview “We are going on with a strong team”.

The Hobart High School girl’s bowling team practices once a week together as a team. Then it is up to all the girls to practice on their own to get ready for game day. The first bowling meet will be on the 24th of this September. Be sure to come out and support the girls as they begin their season at Camelot Lanes.

Hobart High School adopts new English curriculum

spring of the board

Approximately, 30% of high school students fail a class each year and are forced to repeat it, what if this statistic could drastically change with just a simple implementation? The English department would like to introduce Springboard; Springboard is a new curriculum at Hobart High School and it is expected to be a game changer for student passing rates.

Moreover, Springboard is a new curriculum that is currently implemented within English 9, 10, and 11th grade as well as in enriched English 10. This new curriculum is offered from grades 6 to 12 and it is also offered in mathematics as well.

When asked, “Do you believe that this will change the ECA passing rates?” Mrs.Slough (Denton) responded stating “I think it will eventually really change and affect it but I think it will take a little time because the curriculum needs to be enforced and used in the lower grades and if it’s not, the kids will not learn what they need to learn.”

This brand new curriculum was thought of to make the English curriculum easier for both the students and the teachers “We wanted something that was challenging and that could be used throughout several grades, and it also had everything that we could do in one book which made it easier for us,” stated Mrs. Slough.

A census was taken by multiple students and were asked what their opinion was on Springboard and most stated that they were not happy with it currently because it is different and challenging “I think they’ll like it in the long run but it will take a while for the students to get used to it, I think they will fight against it because they don’t want to be challenged but it will be good for them and us eventually.”

All in all, Springboard does have its beneficial qualities but it does also have its non beneficial qualities as well, teachers do believe that the beneficial outweighs the non beneficial but the students do think otherwise. Regardless, it is expected to change student passing rates whether it is for the good or for the bad is for the students to decide, it is here to stay so unfortunately it will be incorporated into the years to come and the teachers hope that the students will see that it is for the good rather than for the bad.

Hobart Marching Band: The First Competition

Saturday, September 6th 2014

Wide eyes, deep breaths, pale faces, cold hands and sweat dripping from their brow. These are just some of the many emotions a marching band student feels after they have marched a show. Now, more than ever, they realize what they can do with hard work and determination.
On Saturday, September 6th at 7:30 pm, Hobart High School’s Pride of Hobart marching band, competed at the Highland marching festival. Competing against KV, Highland, Michigan City, Calumet, Rensselaer, and Crown Point, the Pride of Hobart had a great challenge ahead of them.
The marching bands theme “Tommy” was a familiar show that most of the crowd was familiar with, and enjoyed. Only playing the first song out of three, the marching band tried their hardest to up the competition. By the end of the night the competitive essence was over and awards were to come. Every school ended the night with a silver trophy and a boost of confidence. Hobart plans to work harder and go for the gold in the next competition.

The next Hobart marching contest is at KV on September, 13th 2014

Struggle for the girls soccer team

The average school girls soccer team always struggles sometime during their season. This struggle is effecting the Hobart girls soccer team. Although the girls have shown a lot of improvement throughout this season so far, they are still working to earn more wins.

Their last game they lost to Kankakee Valley 7-0. Kankakee’s junior varsity team now has 4 wins, 1 tie, and 1 loss and the varsity team has 3 wins and 1 loss. They are a challenge to the brickies but they are not unstoppable.

The girls soccer team has their next game on September 10th at Lowell high school but the time is still to be determined. Go out and support our ladies to give them confidence to win.

The dangers of bullying

What is bullying? There are many different types of bullying. Physical, cyber, teasing, and more. Bullying can happen anytime, anywhere. School, home, sports events, and any other places. There is really no legal definition of bullying, but it is mostly defined as repeated behavior which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically, and is often aimed at race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or other things.

To learn more about bullying and bullying in our school, I talked to the guidance counselor, Mr. Klukken, and the I.S.S teacher, Mrs. Wilfong. During my interviews with them, I was told stories, and many facts. During Mr. Klukken’s interview I asked him multiple questions, like how the school handles or deals with bullying and what they might do if it occurs. He told me that if it gets reported, they address it immediately and get the principles involved. They then try to prevent it from happening or getting more serious. Mr. Klukken had also stated the new law states that schools must make ways to prevent bullying. Kids who are bullied during childhood often carry their emotion into their adulthood.

When I interviewed Mrs. Wilfong, she had told me a personal story about some girls she had went to school with. She had also given me some advice. She stated, “If you change the way you look at things, then the things you look at will change.”

If you are going through bullying, either at home or school, or anywhere, you need to let someone know. Even if you see it happening or hear about it, tell someone. You might just save someone’s life. Don’t try to handle it or stop it on your own because it won’t work. Make the bully look dumb by ignoring them and walking away. Don’t let stupid comments get the best of you. What other people say or think, honestly does not matter. As long as you know the truth, it shouldn’t bother you.


The scoop on travel softball

Double header softball games were hosted this weekend at Imagination Glen Park , in Portage by head coach of the travel softball team the Threat ,Bill Arole. Two of the teams that participated in this weekends games were Hobart-Portage teams, The NWI JAYS and The Sky riders.

The NWI JAYS are managed by Jason Graves and The Sky riders are managed by Brian Blankman. The two teams played their first game against The Chesterton Cougars. The Sky Riders played the Cougars first and lost by a land slide of 7-2. The Jays played the Cougars next and won by a close score of 5-2.

Shortly after the Jays and Cougars game finished the Cross-town game between the Jays and the Sky Riders began. The Sky Riders won the coin toss and took visitors, the Jays, to the field. The two teams played a total of 5 innings in the time limit of a hour and twenty minutes. The first three innings went quick with no score and no big hits. The fourth and fifth inning slowed down the game as the Sky Riders took the lead in fourth by four and kept the lead in the fifth by scoring seven more. The Jays had a rough two innings on defense and offense and put no score on the board. The Sky Riders won 11-0.

Next weekend Imagination Glen Park will host more double header games for the local travel softball teams, times have not yet been issued but vary from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon. Come out and support your local travel softball teams.