Common Issues and FAQ With Student Ipads


iPads are all that is ever heard about in this school, and the main topic of discussion is that a students iPad is malfunctioning and isn’t working. I was given the opportunity to work alongside some of the members of the tech department due to an internship and I am here to answer some FAQ that some students may have.


In the time I was able to work with the tech department, the main problem that I’ve noticed was that people were not able to connect to their home wifi, we seemed to have found the steps to correct and for some unknown reason, it allows the iPad to connect, we are currently investigating the source of the problem so we can prevent this bug from happening. Anyways, in order to fix this problem you need to navigate to the “Settings” app on the home screen of the iPad, you then need to scroll down on the left hand side until you see a tab called “Safari” this will take you to another menu, then you need to scroll down until you locate two buttons that have blue text and the text will read “Clear History”, and “Clear Cookies and Data”. We have yet to find out why this fixes the problem but it is currently being used as a temporary fix until the tech department can find a permanent solution.


Another FAQ is “What do I do if my iPad breaks or becomes lost or stolen?” A simple answer to that question would be to navigate down to the media center and inform someone of your situation so they could either fix it or issue you a temporary iPad until it is found, unfortunately, if the iPad is not found you may need to pay a fee to purchase a replacement one.


Another FAQ is,”Why am I not allowed to access social media such as Facebook but my friends are able to?” We are currently unaware as to how some people are able to access social media due to the fact that social media Is blocked among every iPad in the school, we are currently attempting to figure out why some students are able to so we can block them from accessing it.
In the time I was able to work with the tech department there have been multiple problems, if any students have any questions that weren’t answered here, I would recommend you to go down to the media center and we will be there and we will be more than happy to assist you with your problems and ensure that your situation is resolved before you walk out of that door.

College spotlight: Valparaiso University


With the arrival of College-go week, students (primarily juniors and seniors) will be talking and thinking about colleges and possible career pathways to take after graduation. Colleges will be showcased and talked about in CCRT classes and put into the minds of the students at Hobart High School. Being that Hobart High is in Indiana, colleges such as Indiana Bloomington,IUPUI, Purdue,Butler,Valpo University, and many others will be mentioned considering instate colleges can be a significantly beneficial to those who are looking to apply. With a tremendous amount of Indiana schools it is vital to know a little about some of the bigger and more popular schools that are close to home and that receive amazing benefits. A college that is just about 30 minutes from the home of the Bricks is Valparaiso University.
Valparaiso University has a 150 year history to its name, and has been through three distinct phases to get it to the college to is today, all starting in the year 1859 founded by the Methodist. Valpo was a co-ed pioneering institution. Due to the Civil War the school sadly had to close its doors in 1871. The school was brought back to life in 1873 by an enterprising educator , Henry Baker Brown. Valpo at this time was just known as a normal school. In 1900 the school was named Valparaiso College , then in 1905 Valparaiso University. Throughout the next 20 years , it established business and law schools. Many alumni at the time received jobs as governors , legislatures, business leaders and other major professions.

Valpo may have had decades of success but due to WWI the university went through financial hardships. During this a Lutheran Association saw great things from Valpo and bought it in 1925. They brought the new era to Valpo preaching scholarships ,freedom, and faith. In the 1940s the school established the school of engineering, and adopting the Student Honor system. With the school flourishing a Christ College offered a nursing program at the school making Valpo have even more options for students. In 1956 the Chapel Auditorium burned down and in 1959 it was replaced. In 1916 Valpo began to be involved with intercollegiate sports for the first time. Throughout the history of Valparaiso many things came and went to make Valpo the great college it is today.
“Valparaiso University, a community of learning dedicated to excellence and grounded in the Lutheran tradition of scholarship, freedom, and faith, prepares students to lead and serve in both church and society.”—Valparaiso University Mission Statement. With this mission statement in mind , the university aims to foster in its students a lifelong commitment to search for truth. They want to embrace the journey you take to the truth. The life at Valpo offers the students a model of community participation, personal responsibility, and respect and concern for one’s self and others. They have four different systems at Valpo to help you maintain these potential goals.

The first one is the Student Honor System , this relies on each student to maintain standards and academic standards. The second one is the Collaborative System of university and governance. This assigns students responsibility for residential and social life. The third on is the Office of Volunteer Programs , this could include amplifying a commitment to get as many service learning hours as you possibly can. The last one is the Commitment to institutional Diversity , this deepened the understanding of the worlds variety of culture and religious traditions.”Guided by a strong sense of ethics and informed by a broad understanding of the scientific, religious, and cultural heritage of human society, Valpo alumni have assumed leadership roles in their communities, churches, social institutions, the nation, and the world” -Valparaiso University.
Valpo’s campus is a gorgeous campus with many places to study and socialize and expand on your learning. It’s a 320 acre area that contains more then 60 academic and residential buildings. Including athletic facilities , fitness centers, the Chapel of Resurrection,Center for Arts, Brauer Museum of Art, library, and the Harre Student Union.

One may ask how to get into this college? Applying is the easy part but just like every other college there are requirements that are needed to get in to this school. The first factor considered when looking at applicants is the strength they had in high school courses, trend in grades , their essay, and what activities they were involved in by the end of there senior year. Valpo also requires four years of English, three years of math, three years of lab science,three years of social studies, and two years of a foreign language.

Valparaiso also excepts transferred credits that a student might have earned in a AP or Honors program in high school. The GPA that incoming freshman usually start at Valpo with is a 3.62, but this can vary from what your top GPA was in high school. They also expect students to come with a 23-29 on there ACT, and a 1510-1780 on the SAT. The dead line to submit a application to this university is December 1. A student applying should get their confirmation shortly after the holiday season. Students who are accepted into Valpo must live on campus and take two semesters of a theology class. Valpo also offers financial aid to students who may need the extra help.

Valparaiso University is a diverse campus with many benefits for students who looking to attend college but stay close to home. Beginning the journey to your career pathway can be extremely stressful and frustrating, but taking the minute to sit down and look through some college choices and talk to your teachers, parents, and peers can take some weight off of your shoulders and make things easy on you.

Hobart’s devastating loss to Andrean

Nerves filled the Hobart Brickies as they took the field on Friday Night. The stands were jam-packed with Brickies, excited to see the game. It’s always a thrilling game when Hobart faces Andrean. Many people arrived early to tailgate before the game and to soak up the atmosphere.

At the start of the game, Andrean won the toss, but deferred to the second half. Hobart receives. With the first down, Jared Zanolla throws a bomb to Monte White, leaving the ball on the Andrean 9. First touchdown, made by Zack Satterfield! Matt Plesac’s kick for the extra point is good. Hobart leads 7-0.

Another touchdown by Hobart! 14-0 with 8:55 left in the first quarter. By the end of the first quarter Hobart leads with 17-0.

At half-time the score is 17-7. Hobart still leading. Luke Budzielek with a great punt to the Hobart 39. Touchdown Andrean and the extra point is good. Hobart still leads 17-14. Alex Batistatos picks off a pass inside their 5 yard line, with an awesome interception! Returning to the Hobart 40. First down Hobart.

After the 4th down by Andrean, Hobart gets the ball back again. The Hobart fans were ecstatic! With 9 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Andrean gets a touchdown, leaving Hobart with a devastating loss. The final score was 21-17. Even though the boys didn’t come out with a win, they played an outstanding game and should be extremely proud of their performance. Great game boys!

College Go Week is here

The fun, exciting, extravagant college go week is finally here. College go week takes place the week of September 22nd through September 26th. Throughout the week you will hear about colleges, see teachers wearing special college go week themed shirts, and obtain a plethora of information regarding your college options. Although it may seem like it is a while away, it is never too early to start thinking about college.

College go week is about getting a head start on your future for college. Specific colleges are brought to our school to give students information about some colleges they might be interested in or interested in attending. This is your chance to plan your path to college and have a successful career. This is your chance to plan for your education beyond high school. Stay tuned for exciting college information this week!

Where to begin when applying for college

With shaking hands and an eager mind, the high school senior tears open the letter he has been waiting weeks for from his dream university, and with overwhelming happiness and shock he reads one word, “Admitted”. While applying for college can be stressful and nerve wrecking, it is equally as rewarding when students begin to receive their acceptance letters. Many students have questions like “How many schools should I apply to?”, “What is FASFA?”, and of course, “How do I begin?”.

Most students have specific schools that they wish to attend, but it never hurts to have choices. The recommended amount of schools that students should send their applications to is 5-8. The schools that students choose should all be those of which they would be happy to attend. Within those 5-8 schools, students should pick some that are more challenging to get into and others that they will likely be admitted to. Also, keep in mine that even if going away for college is your plan, you should always have a school near home, just in case.

After applying for schools, and choosing one to attend, the next step is Financial Aid. FASFA is a free application to possibly get help paying for college. Basically, FASFA looks at family income, assets, and household information to determine how much help students will need when paying for college. Applying for FASFA begins January 1st of the year you plan on attending college and deadlines are usually in March.

With all of this information, you may still be asking “How do I begin?”. Beginning may be the easiest part. First, find out all of the information needed for the applications you will fill out, then begin collecting all of that information and create a folder of every college you plan on applying to. This will keep everything organized and ready to send. At the front of each folder, have a checklist with all necessary materials, and once each checklist is completed, begin sending out applications.

Applying for college is a huge step to adulthood, and though it may be stressful, it’s important to be focused, aware of deadlines, and stay updated on all the necessary information. A year from now, the lives of high school seniors will drastically change, and all students can do is prepare for the life ahead of them. Be sure to apply to many colleges, apply for FASFA, and begin early. With this information, all students should have a better understanding for applying to college.


Talent, dedication, and most importantly fun are all are words that must come to mind to those students who auditioned for Mystique this year.

Mystique has been an on going after school choir group since around 2002 as an alternative to the club Wolffgang. Overtime, the club developed into its own organization. The name of the group tends to change depending on the students involved. Although you don’t have to be in choir during the year to join Mystique, you do need some type of previous choir experience. Depending on how the year plays out Mystique does more than just choir concerts, they have sang the national anthem at games, at Christmas events, and ISSMA which is a solo and ensemble contest.

Congratulations to the Mystique members this year and good luck!

IUN and Purdue Calumet: college options close to home


One third of all incoming college freshmen say they were not prepared to choose a college upon graduating high school. Not knowing the type of college or college requirements can be very stressful when choosing a college. Here are some important facts about two universities one could consider going to. These universities are Indiana University (IUN) and Purdue Calumet.

When choosing a college, location is a crucial factor. Both universities are located in northwest Indiana. IUN is located in Gary, Indiana, and Purdue Calumet is located in Hammond, Indiana. The requirements to be accepted into IUN are an Indiana core 40 diploma or the equivalent of a 2.0 average grade point average on the 4.0 scale. One must rank in the upper half of the high school graduating class in order to get accepted. One must also score above the medium established by northwest Indiana students on the SAT or ACT. Some majors IUN specializes in are arts and sciences, business and economics, health and human services, and education.
One could say that the majors a school specializes in is the main importance when choosing colleges. Purdue University Calumet major’s are technology, technology leadership and management, modeling, simulation, and visualization, construction management and engineering technologies, and organizational leadership and supervision. The requirements one has to meet in order to be accepted are graduating high school with an Indiana core 40 diploma, a minimum of a score of 900 on the SAT. Applicants with two part SAT scores can be admitted if they have a 5-subject grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
When choosing a college to attend, consider these great options that are close to home. Purdue Calumet and Indiana University Northwest are credible universities that will prepare any student for his or her future.

Book buzz at Hobart High

Students enjoy meeting the library once per month for the book club.

Books, food, and voices fills a room that would normally be in silence. The Brickie Book Club is an outstanding club that meets after school on the third Tuesday of every month in the media center.

Runner of the Hobart book club, Mrs.Lounges, meets up with students and senior citizens after school for about an hour. Every meeting is a fun filled evening. The snacks are excellent and so is the talking that surrounds the room.

Every meeting students and senior citizens discuss the previous book that was read. Then they will get assigned a new book. Sometimes the book can be a classic book or a new book that just came out (a list will be provided). This months book is Divergent. Divergent is a new book with a high rating. Everyone is excited to read Divergent and discuss it together next month.

Just about anyone can join the club- anyone can join at any time. If you enjoy reading or discussing common interests with your peers, consider joining the club.

Hobart Brickie Football falls to Kankakee Valley Kougars

Our Hobart Brickies faced a long, nervous bus ride to Kankakee Valley on Friday night. With confidence and pride Hobart took the field to warm up. The parents, students, and cheerleaders were all bundled up and excited for the game to begin.

After kick off, Hobart started on the 45 yard line. With the first down. Beginning in the first quarter, Noah Smith made the first touchdown of the game! Making it 7-0 with the extra point. Soon to follow in the second quarter, KV scored a touchdown making it 7-6. After Hobart recovers a fumble, Jared Zanolla makes a 22 yard pass to Monte White making it 13-6 with only 8:21 left in the first half! The crowd was cheering and just as excited as the team was. Shortly after, KV ran in for a score. Making it 14-13 after the two point conversion. At Half time, KV leads 21-13.

The crowd returned to the stands after getting hot dogs and hot chocolate after half time. A touchdown was made by KV making the score 34-13, blocking the extra point by the Brickies. Soon after, a Hobart touchdown was made by Satterfield! KV still led 34-20. In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Luke Budzielek punted for the Hobart Brickies making that first down KV. KV made a long run making it first and goal. KV scored. KV was still in the lead with the score 40-20. Although, Hobart is still was not giving up, Monte White made another touchdown with the score now 40-27!

Time quickly ran out on our Brickies. With sweat running down their faces, they make it a close game. There are more games to come this season so the Bricks are keeping their heads held high. The boys loaded the buses for the long ride home. Coming this Friday the Bricks will take on Andrean at the Brick Yard at 7 pm. Come out to support our boys! Bricks don’t break!

Hola, Mrs. Greenwood

Welcome, Mrs. Greenwood, to Hobart High School. Originally from Gary, IN, she is prepared to make students college and career ready. Mrs. Greenwood has been hired to teach Spanish this year at HHS and we are lucky to have her.

Mrs. Greenwood has studied from Butler University, to Indiana University Northwest, to even abroad study in the University of Salamanca in Spain. She also encourages students to study abroad as well, as she thinks that students can gain more experience in a more diverse environment. This comes from an experienced teacher, as well; she has previously taught at Hammond as an ELL coach and Thea Boman Leadership Academy, teaching Spanish in grades 5-12.

Mrs. Greenwood is a hard-working teacher dedicated to the success of her students.

As she said in an interview: “When I thought about teaching somewhere else, I had considered Hobart because of the many good things I have heard about the Brickies. I felt very welcome upon coming here, as the staff has helped me as well as the friendly Foreign Language department.”

It’s apparent that we can look forward to a year of laughs and success. Mrs. Greenwood, here’s to you.

Air Jordan 11’s

Imagine yourself filling out the raffle ticket to receive your first pair of retro Jordan’s. You’re patiently but anxiously waiting on the call to confirm that foot locker has reserved a pair just for you. Especially with the retro Jordan 11 ” Legend Blue” dropping this December, everyone one is hoping to experience that moment. Everyone who loves Jordan’s and who are fans of the Jordan brand, would love to get their hands on the retro 11’s, coming this holiday.

December is usually a big time of the year for The Jordan Brand. Releasing its most popular version of the Retros, it is highly anticipated; especially for the sneaker heads. The shoes however, were original released back in 1996 when Michael Jordan himself wore them in the NBA all star game. Then the shoes were re issued back in 2001. Now they are making a comeback but this time with a different name.

The shoe itself seems so slick and smooth looking. It has a full grain upper sole, a white-patent overlays, a black lining and light blue accents on the tongue and the Jumpman logo. To Finish off the look, at the bottom of the shoe has a smooth light blue translucent out sole and the number 13 on it in Roman numeral . They look good in the box, but even better on feet.
The shoes have said to released on December 20 2014. People would love to get their hands these hot exclusive Retro Air Jordan’s. People will be standing in line with their money ready to pay and exchange for the shoes to add to their Jordan collection. This will be a great early Christmas gift to put under the tree.

Welcome Mr. Greenberg

Hobart’s well known teacher, Mr. Balash has been out on leave due to being sick. As a substitute for Team Sports, his good friend Mr. Greenberg has filled in till further notice.

Mr. Greenberg doesn’t have that much experience teaching at Hobart, although he grow up here as a Brickie he explained that he never had taught before until Mr. Martinson asked to be the substitute fill in.

Being in the gym was something Greenberg very much liked to do. Growing up he was always active playing sports with the kids in the neighborhood and local parks. He fit perfectly for the job.

I’m enjoying being a sub so far, as the kids this year are good and all my classes are great! I’m excited for how the rest of the year is going to go,” he explained in an interview.

Be sure to welcome Mr. Greenberg to HHS this year.