When it comes to this time of year, all you ever hear is “School is over in (Enter Days Here) then, I will be stress free!” However, perhaps if there was a way you could still retain the knowledge you have without having to learn over the summer while staying stress free? I’m sure at

Thursday our Brickies baseball team beat the Merrillville Pirates in commanding fashion with a final score of 10-0. In the win Braden Niksich threw a 5 inning no-hitter before the mercy rule came into effect. Niksich was able to use a strong curve ball to his advantage and have his way with the Merrillville Pirates

Finals is just around the corner and though it might not seem like the most fun time of the school year, we all need to get passing scores. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for finals. 1)  Start studying at least a week before finals. Staying up all night the night before

The summer of 2014 seems to look very bright for all those music lovers. It seems as if we went through months and months of snow storms, school cancellations, below freezing temperatures, and mountains of snow, so that we could all come together this summer and all share one love. The love of music! Nothing

Imagine that you are sitting on a beautiful sunny beach. The bright sun is beaming down on you, the ocean water is clear crystal blue, palms trees are swaying in the wind, and you hear nothing but the windy breeze. You are in Paradise. Aruba, One Happy Island.  Aruba is a beautiful island located 27

Say goodbye! I’m not quite sure how it approached so fast, but it happened. I’m sure we were all counting down the days. Well, the end of another school year is finally here… When this school year began, we all walked in with a positive attitude. I believed it was going to be a good year,

This week I ate at the popular Buffalo Wild Wings or simply B-Dubs in Portage. Popular for its signature sauces and seasonings and providing the sporting event atmosphere the restaurant has become a popular choice for teens and young adults. On a Friday night there is almost always a packed house, but with a full

As the school year comes closer to an end, it seems that students become more stressed. The end of the year can be stressful for many reasons such as: worrying about passing your classes, getting into college, turning in all your papers, and getting a job. Teachers always harp on students about how important grades

Now and throughout history, artists have come out of the mere clay dust and paint splatters to produce to us, for our visual pleasure, beautiful and astounding works of art! From the stunning paintings of Picasso to the modern art from artists like Fuller Potter, we are completely indebted to artist around the world for